YK Osiris hasn’t been having the best luck as of late, and things don’t look to be getting any better as he’s now been accused of scamming a YouTuber.

Jesser, a popular YouTuber best known for his gaming videos on basketball and other challenges, sat down with the 100 Thieves Cast on Tuesday (September 12), where he detailed how the “Valentine” singer allegedly ripped him off for $60,000.

“YK Osiris is a known scammer,” he said in the interview. “A couple of years ago, I got a DM from him. 1v1. Me. $10,000. Basketball.”

Jesser then went on to detail how YK Osiris basically tanked on the court, putting the win in Jesser’s favor. He then challenged Jesser to a double-or-nothing rematch.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’m like, fuck it, why not? I beat him double or nothing. And then he’s like, “double or nothing!” And I beat him again, double or nothing. It was probably more than $60,000. But I lost track, bro. Because we played, like, five times.”

Check out the interview below.

In addition to forcibly kissing Sukihana and allegedly stealing a $20,000 watch after getting a co-sign from Sean Kingston, YK Osiris has been accused of skipping out on paying at least two barbers.

In a video posted to Instagram Stories on Friday (September 8), one barber — who didn’t identify himself — pointed out that he worked with several celebrities, but the “Freaky Dancer” artist is the only one who allegedly tried to stiff him for his money.

“This video is to increase awareness,” he said. “Y’all really gotta start paying your barbers.”

The barber then shared some screenshots of an alleged conversations between himself and YK Osiris, where he revealed that he “checked on him” to make sure he was “good,” before trying to see when he would get paid.

“Imma bless you next time I’m in town — on God,” YK Osiris appeared to write.

Earlier in September, another barber, Legend The Barber, took to Instagram to post a recap of what she claimed actually took place after she cut the Jacksonville singer’s hair — who initially allegedly didn’t pay for his cut.

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