DDG has gone viral after revealing that he was slapped awake by home intruders who entered his property for the sole purpose of assaulting him.

On Friday (September 15), the former YouTuber took to social media to address the two men who broke into his house while he was asleep, struck him and immediately ran away

Whoever you are, I don’t know what type of sick game you think you playing,” he said. “I don’t know if you think it’s cool to sneak in my house and put your hands on me as a joke. It’s not funny.”

He then shared CCTV footage of the incident, which shows him being startled awake and trying to make sense of the situation before grabbing a weapon and inspecting his surroundings.

It is worth noting that the culprits didn’t steal anything, at least in the camera footage, which suggests that their only motive was to smack DDG.

Watch the clip below:

Earlier this year, DDG made a major career decision as he chose Hip Hop over vlogging rather than pursuing both. In late July, the 25-year-old took to Twitter to ask his fans: “Youtube or music? i can’t do both no more.”

Though the responses were mixed, with people showing support for both his crafts, the Zooted Music boss posted a video on YouTube the following day called “My Last YouTube Video… **I deleted everything**

As per the title, the internet personality wiped his entire video library clean despite amassing 3.24 million subscribers on his channel in the seven years since he became active on the platform.

It is worth nothing that he has since changed the title of the video to “My Last YouTube Video.. **im lying**” as he has continued posting on the channel, though not in his usual capacity as a content creator but instead to boost his rap career.I don’t really care about the money,” he said. “That’s kinda why I’ve been doing music without even making a lot of money doing music, it’s because I didn’t care about the money — I’m very passionate about it.”

“I was doing YouTube to eat. I was doing YouTube to pay my bills, to make money,” he further elaborated. “If you told me right now: ‘You won’t make a dollar off rapping,’ I would still do it.”

The Michigan native’s decision seems to be working out as he opened for Gunna in New York City just last week to a sold-out crowd at the Barclays Center.

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