Offset has taken aim at Nicki Minaj‘s husband, Kenneth Petty, after the embattled sex offender made threats against him in a viral video.

Undated footage began circulating online on Friday (September 15) that features Petty — who is with a few unidentified friends — calling out to the ex-Migos rapper on an empty street in the Theater District in New York City

Allegedly, this took place on the street where Offset and Cardi B were staying in a hotel, but neither Offset nor Cardi B ever came out to confront the crew.

“Offset, where you at?” Petty’s friend can be heard saying in the video. “We outside, n-gga!”

“Don’t let these n-ggas fool you, we run this city, n-gga!” says another friend.

“We gang outside, n-gga!” Petty then says. “What’s up, n-gga? Big gang money poppin’!”

In response, Offset took to his own social media accounts to laugh off Petty’s video stunts, calling Nicki’s husband and his friends “broke” as he hopped off a private jet.

“I’m getting off a jet, and he’s funny,” Offset said, laughing. “Fuck these n-ggas talmbout? We hoppin’ off jets, n-gga. Talmbout ‘outside.’ Extremely broke!”

Check out Petty and Offset’s video clips below:

Petty’s videos prompted a flurry of responses while seeming to provoke an all-out Stan war between the “Bardi Gang” and “Barbs.”

“So Kenneth Petty and his slow friends went outside on an empty street at 4am to go live and threaten Offset. This is who y’all queen of rap is married to. A washed broke 45yr old sexual predator and gang member. Kenneth need that ankle monitor back on,” wrote one fan.

All these n-ggas atleast 35 standing on a corner screaming at a phone,” wrote another, while a third quipped: “Imagine driving by and seeing them scream into a phone.”

“This is extremely corny lol,” wrote another die-hard Cardi fan. “all because she don’t want to fight Cardi, sending other women didn’t work, lies didn’t work so now she sending her husband & friends lol.”

Still, there were some fans that were decidedly #TeamNicki no matter what Petty had done. “So basically the exact same thing cardi did to Malibu standing in a random street in New York at night on live looking for h

er…” wrote one Barb in a since-deleted tweet.

Uncorroborated rumors suggest that this beef between Petty and Offset was sparked by a DM that Offset allegedly sent to Minaj’s crew after her VMAs performance. However, there’s no evidence, as of this writing, to suggest that this is the case.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj did, indeed, have beef with one another back in 2018, but Nicki put an end to a series of back-and-forth posts with a positive tweet.

Since then, the two rappers have gone back and forth, periodically re-igniting and “deading” their beef, with 50 Cent calling the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B “interesting.”

The way I had competitive energy: Hip Hop culture makes you battle,” Fif said. “I love Nicki Minaj, but the funny shit is, I like watching her when she’s upset. I like that because she has something that comes from the experience of living in South Jamaica. I’m looking at it like, ‘Yo, I know they think she’s nuts, but they only think that because they don’t understand.’ I get it. She thinks you’re trying to play her.”

He continued: “When Cardi B came, I thought she was dope. She’s from the bottom. She was in Club Lust in Brooklyn. [Going] from that and actually making a hit record and turning into who she did? I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t like to see that. It felt like she got everything — married, the baby — it came really fast. That’s the American dream right there.”

When her and Nicki clash, I go, ‘Oh, shit, it’s going to be interesting to watch how it plays out,’” 50 added. “Lyrically, I won’t say anything competitively about the two of them, but I love Nicki. I don’t have anything against Cardi. I think anyone who comes now, she is going to check their temperature. Nicki is going to check if this bitch is friendly or looking to take over the shit.”

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