Blueface and Chrisean Rock have not always had the best of relationships, but a recent photo suggests that things may be reaching a good place with the pair.

The “Thotiana” rapper took to his Instagram on Sunday (September 17) to share a photo of himself sleeping in a bed, quietly, with his new baby, Chrisean Malone Jr.

Daddy and I,” he captioned the photos, while tagging the baby’s Instagram.

Check out the sweet pics here

Last week, Blueface finally decided to stop with the Chrisean Rock slander after denouncing her for as long as anyone can remember, thanks to Chrisean’s decision to dedicate their child in church.

In an Instagram video posted on September 10, Chrisean revealed that she’d dedicated Chrisean Malone Jr., as the baby is known, just one week after he was born. A dedication is not a baptism, but rather, a confirmation from the child’s parents that they will raise the baby in a godly way until such time that the baby is ready for his/her baptism.

Amen[teary face],” she wrote in the caption. “Chrisean Jr was dedicated today. On the 7th day of being here with us on earth. @drmikefreeman @deedeefreeman @chriseanmalone.jr.”

In response, Blueface posted a series of compliments to his child’s mother as a thank-you for the child’s dedication.

That’s more like it don’t leave his side that’s a Blueface baby hallelujah,” he wrote. “I trust chrisean with my son that’s it nobody else shes actually very nurturing an caring good with kids no doubt just alil impatient an the baby NEEDS patience can’t just get up an go no more I’m being patient as hell you don’t think I wanna get up an go rn…timing not right.”

He continued: “When people do the right thing it’s okay to cheer for them that’s how you get them to continue to do the right thing sheesh y’all mad i said some good lmao. Gotta have the same energy vice versa tho when they make a bad call you gotta boo they ass can’t cheer for bad decisions I rather the baby Ina church full of god fearing faithful people if anything I believe in the same thing.”

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