Duke Deuce has opened up about the conclusion of his time as an artist on Quality Control Music and the reasoning behind his departure.

The Memphis rapper recently sat down on Say Cheese TV to share scarce details about him leaving the Atlanta record label.

“I’m no longer QC,” he said. “And it ain’t no bad blood. I love P and Coach. Them my guys type shit. But at the same time though, I ain’t gon’ lie, I feel good to gon’ head and be moving on cause honestly bruh, I’m elevating, and I’m more than just a rapper.”

He continued: “I’m a crunk star. I’m a rock star. Like, I’m a global type of artist. You can’t just put [me] with the trap shit. It’s big money over here. I’m excited bruh.”

The “Crunk Ain’t Dead” artist ended by saying that he didn’t want to give too much detail as to why he’s no longer on the label.

Check out his interview below:

Meanwhile, in May, Duke Deuce was hospitalized after being hit by a truck.

He took to Instagram at the time to share a photo of himself laying in a hospital bed while detailing the incident that put him there.

According to Duke Deuce, someone attempted to run him over in a vehicle, but luckily he was able to avoid any major injuries.

“Hating azz n-gga really tried to run me over with his truck yesterday but only hit my arm,” he wrote. “No broken bones or nothing tho thank God. Im a hard body n-gga fr.”

Duke Deuce released his latest album Memphis Massacre III in October via Quality Control Music.

The rapper was one of HipHopDX‘s Rising Stars for 2022. During an interview with DX last year, Deuce spoke about reviving crunk music.

“Growing up, I always was a little upset that Memphis wasn’t on,” he said. “It was like the early 2000s and shit like that, and shout out to Lil Jon and all them folks, I love them, I was inspired by them as well.

“But all we seen on the TV was Atlanta, bruh. And I’m like, ‘Damn,’ ’cause all the OGs like, ‘That’s our sound right there but Memphis don’t stick together,’ people used to say that a lot. Another city ran off with the sound.

“So I was like, ‘Shit, why ain’t nobody, of the artists that are on, why ain’t nobody just representing that crunk shit then?’ The artists that from the city. It was still a few artists from the city, but when I went back and looked, Three 6 [Mafia] was saying they was the King of crunk too. They was saying they the real kings of crunk.”

He added: “So I was just like, ‘Bruh, I gotta do this shit,’ And my music was already crunk. Like ‘Stamp Out’ was crunk as fuck without me saying that it was crunk. So it was like I been doing this, making crunk music, so I was like, ‘I might as well stamp it.’”

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