Krayzie Bone Reportedly In Critical Condition After Coughing Up Blood

Bone was hospitalized Friday due to his sarcoidosis.

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member Krayzie is reportedly “fighting for his life” in hospital. Krayzie, whose legal name is Anthony Henderson, was admitted to hospital on Friday after coughing up large amounts of blood. A CAT revealed that there was a leaking artery in one of Henderson’s lungs. However, despite emergency surgery, doctors were unable to staunch the bleeding. Henderson suffers from sarcoidosis, a rare inflammatory disease that causes the organs to become covered in lumpy nodes called granuloma. At the time of writing, Henderson has been sedated and is unable to breathe unassisted. His fellow Bone, Bizzy, simply wrote “Pray 4 Kay” on his Instagram story. Krayzie turned 50 in June.

It’s a tragic turn of events after such a promising year for the Bone Thugs. They had a street named after them in their hometown of Cleveland as part of the ongoing Hip Hop 50 celebrations. “With Hip-Hop, I’ve been blessed to be here. To be here at the beginning, to watch and see every phase that it’s went through, I’m excited to see what the next 50 years is going to bring. Hip-Hop is definitely here to stay as a music genre, but it’s still so young. I just want to see Hip-Hop mature and be more kind and respectful to the artists that carry this genre. I want to see a balance between artists and corporations. It’s still young, but it needs to mature a lot. We need to realize and understand how to treat all legends like other genres of music,” Krayzie told

Krayzie Bone Sees The Funny Side Of Stolen Street Sign

Back in August, someone stole the aforementioned street sign the group had been honored with in Cleveland. “That’s Cleveland. They put up three signs up—one at both ends of the street and one in the middle of the street. I guess someone stole the one in the middle, thinking it wouldn’t be noticed, but left the other two. It’s all good though, no worries. All love,” Krayzie told AllHipHop at the time.

A month before that, Krayzie had hinted at the Bone Thugs appearing on Tiny Desk, NPR’s long-running concert series. “I’m working on that,” Krayzie told a fan on X, formerly Twitter when asked about linking up with the prestigious news organization. Krayzie’s hospitalization remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as and when they emerge.

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