Lil Baby has been targeted by internet comedians after he was seen awkwardly firing weapons at a shooting range.

In a video that went viral on social media on Saturday (September 23), the Atlanta rap star could be seen shooting rounds from a high-powered assault rifle at an outdoor target while accompanied by an instructor

Lil Baby’s form raised eyebrows as he firmly grasped the barrel with his supporting hand and struggled to keep his balance due to the gun’s hefty kickback, which forced the instructor to put his hand on Baby’s shoulder so he could stay upright.

The “Drip Too Hard” artist was then handed a gold-plated pistol, which he seemingly struggled to load properly, before he aimed it down the range and emptied the clip.

Once fans on social media saw the video, they couldn’t help but tease Lil Baby over his not-so-sharpshooting skills.

“Look like a n-gga who be lying in his raps,” one person joked on Twitter, while another wrote: “That recoil is cooking him.. he gotta stop rapping about guns [crying laughing emoji].”

Another fan shared a fake photo of an elderly 2Pac if he were alive to today along with the caption: “Tupac if Baby was the shooter.”

This isn’t the first time Lil Baby has faced the wrath of social media. In July, he canceled a slew of shows on his It’s Only Us Tour and fans didn’t take the unexpected news too well.

Dates in Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Denver, Indianapolis, Louisville and Pittsburgh were all axed, even though fans had reportedly spent upwards of $200 on tickets to see him perform.

One fan came directly at the career progression of the 4PF boss, writing: “We’re finally coming to the realization that yes Lil Baby has had a lot of success over the years, but he is a mid rapper. Always been to me

Was having this convo w someone about rappers that could sell out arenas and they swore lil baby was one, I argued them up and down like he’s NOT tho contrary to popular belief. Now look,” another fan tweeted.

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