Cardi B has dropped off a gift for her fans on her birthday, previewing new music as she posed among the lavish setup Offset put together for her.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday (October 12), the 31-year-old dripped in sex appeal as she posed in a red dress among the red flowers and balloons gifted to her from her husband. Among the carousel is a preview of a new song where she assures the public she’s “back on they asses.

I’m back in the mood, I’m back on they asses,” she raps. “I’m teaching them classes/ These bitches is food!”

In her caption, she added: “Throw it back like its Thursday I got cake im lit its my birthday…..Trophies.”

Cardi B recently began what fans believed to be the route to her long-awaited sophomore album with the release of her latest single “Bongos.” The Megan Thee Stallion-assisted track debuted at No. 14 on the Hot 100, but fell to No. 31 in its second week and now resides at No. 46 in its fourth week.

However, there may be more to come from the pair, as Meg recently teased a potential EP and tour with Cardi B.

I literally think that’s the route that we’re going,” she recently told Complex when asked about the prospect of doing a project together. “So I’ve done two songs for her. And now I feel like I’m in a space where I know exactly what songs I want her to do for me. So we’re really building a little EP already.

“We’re gonna have enough music that we need to go on tour together. Me and [Cardi B] going out together will be so amazing. We are already so cool. And I feel like we got similar fans. So if she wanted to do a little EP, I would definitely be so down to do that, but we are making enough music to already have that.”

As two of the biggest rappers in the game today, Megan and Cardi have formed a formidable friendship in recent years. They first linked up in 2020 for “WAP,” the raunchy, in-your-face hit that topped the Billboard Hot 100 and shocked millions around the globe.

Speaking about her collaborative chemistry with Cardi B in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Megan said: “I feel like we hype each up so well. Anytime she might be feeling a way, I’m definitely her sunshine.”

She added: “She’s so sweet and she’s so kind, and that’s why I really like her — ’cause she’s real. You don’t really come across a lot of raw people. Whatever comes to her mind first, that’s what she’s saying, that’s how she feels … I absolutely love that about her.”

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