Cdai was sent to jail for nearly 40 years back in 2016, and newly released footage shows a whole new look inside his life behind bars.

The footage, which dropped on Thursday (October 12), shows the Chicago rapper (real name Courtney Ealy) hanging onto the bars as he watches people walk past him. The former Black Disciple appears to look nervous as one prisoner in particular walks past him in the clip

While it’s not clear where the footage came from, or who sent the footage to social media, what’s clear is that Cdai is a long way away from his glory days on the rap scene.

Check out the footage below:

The Savage Squad affiliate was sentenced to 38 years behind bars back in 2016.

DNA Info reported the Chicago rapper, born Courtney Ealy, was convicted in March of that year of first degree murder for the slaying of Javan Boyd, a local man who worked as a jitney cab driver. Boyd was on the job when in 2014, Cdai and Clint Massey, who raps as RondoNumbaNine, pulled up on his car and opened fire.

Boyd left behind a then-11-year-old daughter at the time.

The incident was reportedly in retribution for an earlier shooting and the two were part of a group of three cars that was driving around looking for revenge. They came upon Boyd and asked him where he was from before shooting him.

Surveillance cameras recorded the incident and Cdai left a fingerprint on the victim’s car and dropped his cell phone upon his escape

Then, in July 2016, RondoNumbaNine (real name Clint Massey) was sentenced to 39 years in prison.

RondoNumbaNine was arrested and charged with murder back in 2014, days after 28-year-old Javan Boyd was shot and killed while in his vehicle. Boyd was shot seven times.

In addition to the incident being caught on videotape, RondoNumbaNine’s fingerprints were also found on Boyd’s vehicle.

News of the rapper’s sentencing came weeks after Ealy (known also by his rap name, Cdai) received a similar sentence of 38 years.

As a local artist in Chicago, RondoNumbaNine had released songs featuring the likes of Lupe Fiasco and Lil Durk.

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