2Pac’s brother Mopreme Shakur has revealed that Diddy called him and denied that he was involved in the murder of the late rap superstar in 1996.

During a conversation with The Art of Dialogue, Mopreme Shakur said that Puff Daddy reached out to him decades ago to clear up any rumors regarding his participation in Pac’s demise.

“The boy Puffy called me though,” Shakur said. “Puff called me back in the day. He was like, ‘I just want you to know I ain’t have nothing to do with your brother’s [murder]. I know who you are, but we never met and I just want to call you man to man and let you know that I ain’t have nothing to do with your brother’s death

He continued: “Now why was he calling, reaching out to me? It was in the early 2000s. L.A. Times had just dropped an article in the newspaper, implicating him as well. I told him I appreciate the call, but the truth has yet to come out, so we gon’ see.”

Mopreme Shakur then said that Diddy “could’ve been trying to cover his ass or be sincere” when he made the phone call.

Mopreme Shakur first tackled the rumors of the Bad-Boy CEO being involved in 2Pac’s death earlier this month on The Comedy Hype News Show on the heels of Duane “Keefe D” Davis being arrested and charged in the 1996 murder of 2Pac.

“I don’t have to do anything. This individual [Keefe D] mentioned [Diddy’s] name. Law enforcement has a job to do. Will they do it? It does feel like Pac is being vindicated because back in them days when things were going down, everybody thought he was crazy,” Shakur said.

“He may have not expressed it properly but that don’t mean he was wrong, ya dig? So we’ll see.”

Mopreme added: “I’m fortunate enough to have my freedom. I consume media. I’ve seen these interviews they speak of that they used to land this indictment on this dude. I’ve seen ’em and he’s saying things I got questions about.

“[Keefe D] mentioned certain people that may be accomplices so at this point in the game somebody’s accountable. Are they gonna make everybody he’s talking about accountable?”

Keefe D was arrested by Las Vegas police for Pac’s murder last month. The 60-year-old former gang member has been charged with “murder with the use of a deadly weapon with the intent to promote, further or assist a criminal gang,” marking the first time charges have been made in the 27-year-old case.

Keefe D has repeatedly name-dropped Diddy in interviews surrounding 2Pac’s death. He did it once again in July when he blamed the Bad Boy mogul for sinking the Death Row empire

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