Chrisean Rock Dressing Masculine To Make Up For Blueface’s Absence In Her Son’s Life

Over on Twitter, Rock has been venting about needing to take “authority over [her] response.”

From the moment Chrisean Rock first announced that she was expecting a baby with Blueface earlier this year, her Cr*zy In Love co-star failed to match her energy of excitement. There was more than one occasion when Blue attempted to deny paternity of the young boy, and even after a DNA test was conducted for their controversial Zeus series, he still had doubts. Nevertheless, the 26-year-old has now at least met his third child, though he did face significant backlash after posting an inappropriate photo of the baby online amid concern for his health.

Much to the internet’s annoyance, Rock has been acting surprised by Blue’s behaviour, despite him making it clear from the jump that parenting with the 23-year-old wasn’t a huge priority for him. As she struggles to balance this booked and busy era of her career with taking care of her weeks-old son, Rock seems to be growing more irritated, as displayed during a recent Instagram Live. While venting to viewers, she shared that her latest strategy is to tap into her masculine energy to ensure that Chrisean Jr. gets the best of both worlds in his father’s absence.

Chrisean Rock Takes a New Approach to Single Motherhood

I gotta be the papi and the mami? And I’m raising a boy so that feminine s**t ain’t gonna fly,” Rock shared her hot take. “He’s not gonna be around his dad or any s**t so, I have to like,” the new mom went on before explaining that her new version of “getting cute” is wearing oversized clothing and no makeup.

Elsewhere online, the Baddies starlet’s Twitter page has been lighting up with inspirational posts about staying in control of her own energy. “Take authority over your response,” she typed on Sunday (October 15).

Baddies Cast Member Seeks to Control Her Own Narrative

Only I can take authority of how my story gon end,” Chrisean Rock reflected to her 1.7 million Twitter followers yesterday afternoon. “You the author of your story [and] how it’s going to end,” she added. Keep scrolling to read the reality starlet’s other uplifting messages, and check back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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