Wale has returned triumphant with a fresh drop, “Max Julien,” marking his first release with his new label, Def Jam Records.

On Friday (October 20), the D.C. native released the D.Woo-produced song, named after the actor most famous for playing the lead role in the 1973 blaxploitation classic The Mack

“It’s giving young Max Julien/ Back-to-back Maybachs, who knew our shit’d be super tinted?/ I’m tryna show love, but n-ggas loyal to a lemon/ Relax, y’all know I’m weird, but niggas super weird / So I ain’t goin’ over there,” he rhymes in the opener.

“I be out doley/ Roll tide, shoutout Bryce, it’s a nine on me/ Never mind that, I’m tryna keep the vibe normal/ But all these eyes on me/ These OnlyFans bitches send me for your eyes only pictures, y’all do not know me/ Y’all cannot hold me/I acknowledge everyone, we just not homies/ And that go for everyone and that’s how I’m goin’/ One deep, nothin’ sweet, ain’t no Zack Cody/ What?,” he continues in verse one.

Check out the full video below.

The release arrives only days after it became public that Wale found a new home with the famed record label.

According to TMZ, Folarin inked a contract with Def Jam Records several months ago, but kept it under wraps until now.

On Tuesday (October 17), Wale took to Instagram where he shared a three-part carousel ushering in the next chapter of his career.

“My silence has been golden….see you on Friday,” he wrote. “Folarin back.”

The news garnered celebration from figures like Joe Budden, who commended the 39-year-old artist for wisely taking the time to regain control of his narrative after navigating a series of online conflicts and controversies.

“I’m excited about this,” said Budden on his show. “Not because I route for him as my Virgo brother, not because he finally learned how to take a step back and go zero, dark mode, silent via social media—that’s one of the reasons a lot of you Wale haters out there dislike him. He went crazy a few times. He was able to disconnect, dis-attach, step away, and he’s been quiet. I don’t know what he’s been doing, feeling, thinking, and now I get a song. I love that for Wale. I love that for him…I’m really happy about this, Wale.

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