Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank have set aside their differences and reunited as TGT.

On Friday (October 20), Ginuwine shared a clip of the trio back together, with Tank giving an informal speech to a small group of people in which he confirms the return of the supergroup

I love you brothers in real life,” he began, referring to his group mates. “And I want nothing but the best for you all, personally, and I want nothing but the best for the R&B universe. There’s people who look up to us, for the people who follow us, for the people who’re inspired by us, the people who’re just connected to us in ways we can never imagine.

He then cut straight to the chase, saying: “The only way to seal that legacy is to bring this motherfucka back.”

Ginuwine wrote in the caption of the Instagram post: “I knew it would happen I just want it to be perfect for each and every individual we come together to say we are Kings so let’s move forward I appreciate the love we get now let’s go!!!! #TGT #uhooo #TankGTyrese ok it’s time ok Letsgo @therealtank and @tyrese my brothas for life.”

In the post’s comments section, he added: “Problems coming now the best RnB album EVER!!!!! Without question we ready now I’m ready now.”

Earlier this year, Tyrese hinted at the power trio getting back together during an early-April episode of iHeartMedia’s R&B Money podcast, hosted by Tank and J. Valentine. During the chat, the singer and actor confirmed that Atlantic Records has agreed to distribute the group’s second album.

“I got some great news for you, Tank and J,” he revealed. “Atlantic Records has officially agreed to sign TGT for a second album… yeah, congratulations.”

TGT released their first song in 2007, but didn’t put out an album until 2013 with Three Kings. Despite the success of the project, the group disbanded in 2015 after disagreements between the singers as well as between the group members and their record label.

Tyrese has revisited his time in the group on numerous occasions. The month prior to the R&B Money interview, he claimed that Tank was “fake humble” after being floored by the singer’s talent in a previous studio session.

Taking to Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at his work with both Tank and Jennifer Hudson, the Fast & Furious star revealed it was “very intimidating” to work with them because of how talented they are.

“Don’t ever question anyone success when I have to so successful, they still like Lyons got that hunger and desire to be the VERY BEST in all aspects,” Tyrese began. “Very intimidating to work with them but the results are beastly!!!!!!”

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