Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Accused of ‘Intimidation’ Tactics in Fight With Songwriter Over Late Rapper’s Royalties

A songwriter has accused Nipsey Hussle ’s brother of failing to follow his end of a deal they reached over royalties owed.

According to court documents obtained by , the writer, Tasleema Yasin , has asked that her creditor’s claim against Nipsey’s estate be revived

In 2019, following Nipsey’s murder , Yasin filed a claim against the estate demanding a cut of profits from Nipsey’s song, Hussle & Motivation .

Yasin said she helped the rapper write and perform the track . She said the two worked on the song in 2016 but it wasn’t released until a year before Nipsey’s death

She said she not only wrote but performed the “ascending four-note vocal phrase featured throughout the song’s runtime, as well as a countermelody in my higher register featured prominently during the song’s chorus.”

For months, Yasin and Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam, who is the administrator of the late rapper’s estate, attempted to work out a deal.

In March 2022, the parties announced they had settled the matter. As a result, Yasin’s creditor’s claim was dismissed.

However, now, Yasin has claimed Sam did not hold up his end of the bargain.

She said, “Regrettably, the opposing party has thus far delayed the fulfillment of their obligations under the contract, and consequently, they are in breach of its terms. Hence, Yasin is under no ongoing obligation to refrain from submitting her claims against the aforementioned parties and estate.”

“The original agreement with the Estate is deemed void due to multiple breaches. Ms. Yasin no longer seeks enforcement of this breached agreement. Instead, she is seeking damages as a result of these breaches and wishes to negotiate a new agreement that will protect her interests moving forward,” she said.

Yasin said the estate never amended the distribution split for royalties on the song, failed to provide proper accounting on the profits, failed to properly credit her as a featured artist including fixing the spelling of her name, and failing to ensure the payment of her royalties would be paid out

Yasin said she tried to work out the issue with Blacc Sam privately but things turned heated.

She claimed to have spoken to Sam on the phone in May 2023 in an attempt to resolve their issues.

Yasin claimed that during the conversation Sam became “extremely hostile” and resorted to using “profanity, insults and derogatory language directed” towards her.

She said he began to employ “pressure tactics such as threats, intimidation, verbal abuse, insults, gaslighting” and other alleged tactics.

Yasin said the conversation ended after Sam hung up the call.

As a result, Yasin has asked that she be allowed to now seek damages against the estate for the deal falling apart.

Nipsey was murdered on March 31, 2019, in Los Angeles. He is survived by his daughter Emani and son Kross , who he shared with Lauren London.

As first reported, Nipsey’s family was victorious in their battle for guardianship of Emani. The minor’s mother Tanisha Foster was shut down in her attempt to take over control of her finances and obtain more custody time.

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