Rick Ross has pointed the finger at his bitter rival 50 Cent after Fat Joe condemned rappers for trying to get their enemies into legal trouble when beefing with each other.

Joey Crack’s stern lecture came during an Instagram broadcast earlier this week, in which he put his rap peers on blast for airing out their adversaries’ dirty laundry and potentially incriminating them

If I got beef with another rapper, another DJ, and that guy’s fighting the law where he might be going to jail for 10 years, 15 years, I don’t think it’s cool for Hip Hop beef to be like, ‘Yeah, go get him! He does this, he does that.’ That’s jail,” he began.

“Now, you think it’s Hip Hop, you think it’s fun and games, but R. Kelly’s in jail — for life! One of the greatest, most famous, most illest entertainers — might be the greatest ever — is in jail for life.

Not saying what he did was — I’m just telling you, you can go to jail. It’s no such thing as you’re too famous to go to jail; they’ll put you in jail.”

He continued: “I’m talking about everybody, guys. I’m not talking about somebody specific. But if I got rap beef with you, it’s not cute for me to try to put your business out there or dirty your face or point allegations to you because I want more ratings or I want to sell more records.

And this has just been really happening lately in an amazing way where guys that I respect and I love are seeing other artists or people in vulnerable positions, and are acting like it’s Hip Hop beef. ‘Yeah, he did this, he did that.’

“No! He might go to jail for 10 years and not be able to feed his family. And what is it to you that that man goes to jail? This is real life shit.”

Despite Fat Joe’s claim that his comments weren’t aimed at anyone in particular, Rick Ross attempted to connect the dots by bringing up 50 Cent’s recent attacks on Diddy, who he’s accused of orchestrating 2Pac’s murder.

“Ohh this the 50 cent #tupac, Diddy shit ! @fatjoe I concur,” Rozay commented on Hip Hop Wolf‘s above Instagram repost.

Some felt that the MMG mogul was throwing 50 under the bus to divert attention from his own recent campaign against DJ Envy, who has been accused of being complicit in a multimillion-dollar property scam run by real estate developer Cesar Pina.

“He talking bout u gang,” one person replied to Rozay’s comment, while someone else wrote: “nah this the Flex and Envy shit!” — referencing Ross and Funkmaster Flex ridiculing Envy for “selling fake houses” on Hot 97 last month.

One person even accused Rick Ross of “dry snitching” on 50 Cent and being “infatuated” with the Power mogul, with whom he’s been embroiled in a long-running beef dating back to the late 2000s.

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