LaRussell has re-imagined the classic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song to talk about his own success in the rap game.

The Bay Area artist’s latest video has started to gain viral traction days after its original November 23 release via Good Compenny on November 23. Produced by Link+Up, LaRussell not only raps over the classic TV theme song’s beat, but re-enacts the sitcom’s opening scenes, first made famous by Will Smith.

For LaRussell, the visuals are a representation of his authenticity.

“People will always have something to say about what you do. Keep doing you. As long as YOU love it. Imagine buying a car and being upset that other people don’t like it,” he wrote. “Make the art that’s on your heart. Make the art that makes you smile, laugh, cry, dance, etc.”

While Will Smith is known today as an Oscar-winning actor and a family man, thanks to his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air breakthrough; there was a time that he was a rapper that was hotter than 2Pac, according to Wack 100.

During an interview with DCTHETRUTH that premiered on October 15, the manager and entrepreneur went off while addressing comparisons between Smith and the late legend. In doing so, he made sure to give the Fresh Prince his flowers.

Put some respect on Will Smith name, bro,” he began. “The only thing ‘Pac did better than Will was got killed better in real life. Other than that, he can’t fuck with Will on nothing. Music-wise, Will was hotter than ‘Pac. Will was hotter than ‘Pac before ‘Pac was hot — this a fact.”

About the rapper-turned-actor also elevating DJ Jazzy Jeff during his ascension, he added: “And guess what? He did something ‘Pac didn’t do. Ya’ll ready for this one? He put his DJ on. What’s ‘Pac DJ name? What’s Will Smith DJ name?

As for LaRussell, he had a moment of vulnerability back in March when he showed off his profit and loss spreadsheet from two shows, referring to the ordeal as a “moment of transparency.”

“I don’t always win, but I always take the risk,” LaRussell wrote on Instagram. “This weekend I did 2 shows. One sold out, the other did nearly 500 tickets. I STILL LOST MONEY.”

However, the rapper said the numbers were “typical for him” because he allows “people to pay whatever they want.”

“I’m super grateful for those who really value my presence, pay extra and really take care of a n-gga. I put on an experience that I could easily charge hundreds for but I refuse to. This is the reality of how this shit goes. It aint always pretty, but it’s always beautiful

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