ATLANTA, GA – Young Thug and the rest of the defendants in the ongoing YSL RICO trial got a surprising and scary break in the proceedings today when news broke that defendant Shannon Stillwell had been stabbed.
Just after the trial opened for the day on Monday (December 11), Judge Ural Glanville announced that there had been a “medical issue” with “one of our participants,” and that the trial was done for the day. He ordered everyone back at 9 A.M. Tuesday (December 12

Not long afterwards, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to Fox 5 Atlanta that Stillwell had been stabbed at some point over the weekend. He has reportedly been hospitalized.

You can see Judge Glanville’s message to the courtroom below.

Stillwell’s attorney Max Schardt gave a statement to WSB-TV reporter Michael Seiden: “Our first concern is Shannon’s health, and we hope to speak to him shortly. I will provide any more additional details when appropriate. Thank you.”

This is not the first time that Stillwell has been assaulted since he was arrested alongside Young Thug and 27 others in May 2022. He was previously stabbed in July 2022, according to jail officials.

There have been other violent incidents at Fulton County Jail involving YSL defendants. Back in February, three of Young Thug’s co-defendants — Christian “Bhris” Eppinger, Rodalius “Lil Rod” Ryan and Damone “Bali” Blalock — were accused of stabbing a fellow inmate.

That incident came shortly after Ryan was hit with additional charges for delaying proceedings in the trial.

Ryan, who had been described by authorities as an “ongoing problem,” allegedly spat in a deputy sheriff’s face while awaiting transportation to court on January 23.

The deputy claimed that Ryan was uncooperative when he asked him to exit the patrol car, leading to him forcibly removing the defendant from the vehicle. In the process, however, Ryan’s attorney claimed he was punched in the head and fell on the sidewalk, resulting in injuries to his legs, hands and head.

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