Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden have managed to retain their friendship despite butting heads in the past, and the slight tension between them has now become a running gag.

On Monday (December 11), the New York MC went live on Instagram to reveal that she was having a sit-down with the rapper-turned-podcaster, while playfully threatening to go off on him.

This man always deserves a good cussing out from me,” she began. “Was I gonna cancel [the interview]? Sure! Was I gonna show up 10 hours late? Of course! But anything I have to do to cuss this muthafucka out right here…he always gon’ get his lashes from me.”

While the Slaughterhouse rapper laughed in the background, Nicki turned her front-facing smartphone over to him. Sitting across from her on the same couch, the camera captured him saying, “I love you guys” as her thick-eyelash filter hilariously transferred over to his face.

The duo have expressed admiration for one another countless times in the past, but they haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. During a 2019 episode of Queen Radio, the platinum-selling rapper sat down with Budden and things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Over the conversation, they went back and forth about lies Budden allegedly told about Minaj over the years. Suddenly, the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap unleashed a verbal barrage on her guest after he insinuated that she took drugs.

Don’t say you ain’t never popped a pill,” he said, to which she responded with a scream: “I never said that, you dumb fuck! Cut his fucking mic since you wanna be dumb!”

Sure enough, his microphone was ultimately cut off.

Prior to the on-air explosion, Nicki confronted Budden about his comments regarding her “Motorsport” collaboration with Cardi B and Migos.

“If you wanna talk about specifics, I can sit up here and give you five specific moments,” she told him. “I’m saying that when I say what the fuck it is, that’s what the fuck it is. Another example is when I explained how ‘Motorsport’ came about and you were one of the people — it might have been you and your sidekick Akademiks.”

Budden replied, “He’s not my sidekick…”

Nicki quickly interrupted him and said, “This is a time when I wasn’t addressing things. You went on your platform and said she didn’t know this other bitch was on the record. You said it. You said that

Again, that is implying I am lying when I sat and said exactly how the song came about. I was asked — and I still have the text messages — can this person be put on this song and my response was, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ That was my response. You still went and said … y’all went and told the world Nicki Minaj is lying.”

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