Pardison Fontaine has once again spoken about the infidelity accusations insinuated by his ex-girlfriend, Megan Thee Stallion.

During an appearance on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast that aired on Tuesday (December 12), the Newburgh rapper was asked if he did in fact cheat on the Houston Hottie per her “Cobra” lyrics: “Pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his dick sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin’/ Lord, give me a break, I don’t know how much more of this shit I can take

Pardi, whose latest project SEXT8PE dropped on that same day as the interview, answered: “That’s not what happened at all […] is hiding text messages cheating?”

When the hosts collectively established that concealing something from your partner is tantamount to being unfaithful, he admitted: “In that regard, I’d say [I did cheat].”

He did, however, clearly deny having physically engaged with another woman over the course of the relationship.

“Inappropriate, correct,” he added. “But the way that it was painted had me so mad, I’m like this is the part of the relationship — after everything that took place; everything that was kind of, y’know, forgiven; everything that we’ve washed away; especially when nobody asked for this — this is what you wanna go with?”

Last month, Fontaine unleashed a fierce rebuttal in response to Megan Thee Stallion’s bars from her latest single.

The New York MC dropped “THEE PERSON” in late November and completely denied the allegations that many listeners assumed to be directed at him, questioning her credibility in the process.

I’d like to apologize for no longer keeping up with your lies or supporting your habits to tell half-truths/ I hope this message reaches you well/ Hope you get the help you need,” he says on the song’s intro before going into detail about their relationship.

Contrastingly, Fontaine wrote a poem about “a beautiful woman” earlier this year, which fans saw as a tribute to Megan.

You’re a survivor but not a victim, somewhere in between ‘God forgive him’ and ‘I gotta get him,’” he began. “That’s why you don’t ever let these bitches get you out your rhythm. You treat these n-ggas like they’re buy one get one. You out here working to keep your mind off hurting.

“Get your to-do list, it’s buying candles and shopping for curtains, it’s find your purpose. You in your bag not just Birkins. You know your happiness can not be purchased. It’s deeply rooted and not just surface. The dream ain’t big enough if you think about it and not get nervous. If you need me girl, I’m at your service.”

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