Kanye West On Nicki Minaj Refusing To Clear “New Body”: “I Supported Her Career”

Ye claimed that he made the 41-year-old rewrite her verse for “Monster” three times, and was adamant about getting this song cleared.

New Body” is one of the most beloved Yandhi-era leaks from Kanye West, both for its hypnotic beat and its topical focus… for better or worse. In addition, it also features a great verse from Nicki Minaj, which only made it all the more disappointing when the track appeared to stay in limbo. However, hype emerged once again when Ye and Ty Dolla $ign announced that the track would be on their upcoming collab album Vultures. In fact, they even played it at their Miami “rave” listening event, with Queen Barb’s verse and all. As such, it seemed like we would finally get this song officially in our hands

Kanye West Responds To Nicki Minaj: Watch

What’s more is that Kanye West responded to Nicki Minaj’s comments during his absurdly combative rant against Jay-Z, Drake, and so many more. This was at his Las Vegas listening party for Vultures. While addressing her refusal to clear the sample, the Chicago artist claimed that he made her rewrite her iconic verse on “Monster” three times. “I supported her career,” he said of the “Last Time I Saw You” hitmaker. Most importantly, the 46-year-old seemed to hammer on the point that they’re still going to fight to put “New Body” out one way or another.

Meanwhile, that listening event was somehow more chaotic than the first, and we’re sure the ride’s far from over. Maybe these exchanges will continue, too, and we’ll either get a compromise, an apology, a reconciliation, or an even stronger divide. When it comes to these two artists, has guessing ever been a consistent game to play? For more news and the latest updates on Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, stay logged into Hiphopraisedmetheblog.com

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