MC HAMMER CAN’T TOUCH FAKE HIPHOP50 EVENTS …Old Rappers Bragging About Killing

MC Hammer has clear reasoning as to why he didn’t participate in any of the events to celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary — the culture’s gotten childish and he’s a grown-ass man

The 60-year-old rap legend outlined his stance during Tupac Shakur’s Oakland street naming last month, and the clip is beginning to blaze the internet.

During the ceremony, Hammer celebrated not using his legendary career for interview clicks, but also laid into veteran rappers who have been rapping about murder all these years … without the body count or rap sheet to back up their bars.

The “U Can’t Touch This” rapper became friends with Pac during his time living in the Bay, and credited his late homie for being the only one to get him to play along with the charade of the music biz.

The Grammys aired its star-studded celebration this week and the event’s producer, Questlove, openly expressed his disappointment Hammer told him no, despite repeated requests

Hammer wasn’t alone in deflecting from HipHop50 celebrations — André 3000 didn’t see much merit in them at this point in time.

mc hammer tweet
Hammer says his story will be told when he rolls out his book/movie combo — but it won’t be on HipHop50’s schedule!!!

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