Well-Protected in Bev Hills

Gunna still isn’t taking any chances with his life as Young Thug’s YSL trial trudges on — even for a simple day of shopping, he’s got hired guns watching his back and his front

The “Fukumean” rapper was spotted shopping with his armed bodyguards at Saks Fifth Avenue in Bev Hills this week — which might sound like the ideal scenario to spend cash and not worry about being robbed. But, Gunna clearly thinks otherwise.

This particular shopping trip went down without a hitch but remember … he was confronted by a complete rando this year, and he’s gotta be thinking more enemies could be lurking just about anywhere.

His former “Drip So Hard” brother Lil Baby dropped a new song titled “350” Friday that appeared to target Gunna … “I know one day it’s gon’ hit me/Bro ain’t never comin’ back/Ain’t never say nothin’ ’bout it, n****, you know you a rat.”

Gunna’s heavy-duty security should earn him brownie points with the OGs … Charlamagne Tha God stressed the importance of having pros while discussing the Nardo Wick disaster with us earlier this month.

A few other rappers have voiced their displeasure with Gunna for taking a plea deal in the YSL case, but he has the majority on his side … when it comes to music, at least. His latest album went gold and the song “Fukumean” went platinum in October.

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