Beyoncé has left the international Beyhive a bit disappointed with her latest announcement about Renaissance.

According to Rolling Stone, the Queen’s official website crashed on Monday (December 18). That crash led fans to believe that something big was up

Bey’s social media post that followed the crash got international supporters excited at first when she said, “The Renaissance is not over,” and then listed a number of locations around the world.

Among them were Brazil, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Bulgaria, and Mongolia.

Viewers assumed that those would be the locations for new tour dates. Unfortunately for them, that was not the case — the post eventually revealed that this was a list of countries in which the Renaissance tour film, which has shattered all sorts of records, will be released for this latest go-round.

Check it out below.

As perhaps could be expected, Bey’s fans were let down once they figured out the deal.

“Baby I thought the tour was getting extended. Whew, my blood pressure girl,” commented one fan.

Was about to fly out to Taiwan,” said another.

“I was literally hoping for an extended tour. I was ready to sell my house and car,” wrote a third.

While fans were a bit disappointed about Beyoncé’s latest stunt, they were happy not too long ago, when she finally brought “Grown Woman” to streaming services.

Originally arriving on December 13, 2013, as part of Bey’s self-titled visual LP, “Grown Woman” was only made available as a bonus video and remained absent from any streaming platform until this month, despite the song’s popularity among fans.

In late 2014, the Jake Nava-directed clip made its way to YouTube, where it has compiled over 145 million views.

Timbaland and J-Roc helm production duties of the uptempo Afrobeats single, while The-Dream is credited as a songwriter. It was also included as part of a Pepsi commercial and advertising campaign

Beyoncé earned her fifth No. 1 album atop the Billboard 200 with the 2013 self-titled LP, which sold 617,213 album units in its debut week despite only having three days of tracking thanks to a mid-week release.

“My message behind this album was finding the beauty in imperfection,” she said of the project’s meaning.

I had this image of a trophy and me accepting these awards, and kinda training myself to be this champion, and at the end of the day, when you go through all of these things, is it worth it?”

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