MONTREAL, CANADA – Dave East was pepper sprayed in the face by police following a performance north of the border in Montreal, Canada.
Footage emerged early Tuesday (December 19), shortly after the Harlem native performed at Le Rouge nightclub, that showed him involved in a stand-off with police in the pouring rain outside the venue

Per Complex, the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) informed Dave East and his entourage that everyone would need to be searched, which Dave and co. didn’t agree with, causing tensions to rise.

The confrontation reached a point where the police had enough of the back-and-forth and appeared to pepper-spray Dave East in the eyes, with the rapper seen trying to cover his face and avoid the toxins.

Oh, they’re pepper spraying!” a person can be heard saying in the clip. It’s unclear if East and his crew escaped the altercation unscathed or were apprehended by police.

Neither Dave East nor the SPVM have addressed the incident. Watch the footage below.

Dave East has had an eventful time traveling the globe this year. Back in July, he revealed that he recorded the majority of his Fortune Favors the Bold album at one of Pablo Escobar’s stash houses in Medellin, Colombia.

“I’ve always been a fan of Pablo Escobar, and I mean, not the destruction and all that or whatever, but just his mindset as far as hustling. I’m a big fan of Pablo,” he said in an interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden.

So me going out there, I felt like, ‘Bro, why we don’t just do some music out here? This is a different environment, different everything. It’s not New York, it’s not L.A., it’s not Miami, it’s just different.’”

He continued: “We had the studio set up right in the crib. We actually stayed in one of Pablo’s stash houses. Pool inside the crib, some flavor, flavor, flavor crib. In Medellín. I did maybe 12, 13 records off the album in that house, right in the crib.

They had the chefs in there making breakfast, wake up, Mike [of the production duo Mike & Keys] already be in there making beats. We’d get to that pool in the crib, jump in the pool.”

Dave East’s Fortune Favors the Bold arrived in July via Def Jam and featured assists from G-Eazy, Tyga, Kid Capri, Ty Dolla $ign, Cordae, Coi Leray, Ghostface Killah and more.

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