MIAMI, FL – Kodak Black‘s lawyers have asked the courts not to put his client in jail.
NBC Miami is reporting that the rapper’s legal representatives appeared alongside their client in a courthouse in South Florida on Tuesday (December 19) to ask the judge to place the “Wake Up in the Sky” rapper in a 90-day treatment program in Arizona

According to the lawyers, the rapper (real name Bill Kapri) became addicted to Percocet and Oxycodone while he was sitting in a Kentucky prison in 2020, and never got appropriate treatment for the addiction.

Though the prosecutor opposed the motion, the judge deferred a decision, choosing to let it be handled by the judge who will ultimately be hearing his case. For the moment, Kodak will remain behind bars in federal prison at FDC Miami.

Hiphopraisedmetheblog.com has reached out to Kodak’s longtime attorney Bradford Cohen for additional comment.

Kodak Black’s latest round of legal troubles began on December 7, when he was charged with cocaine possession and tampering with physical evidence as well as being improperly parked.

Four days later, he formally pleaded not guilty to the charges and has requested a trial by jury.

According to the police report, officers approached Kodak’s Bentley when they observed the vehicle parked on an active roadway. When they approached the vehicle, they claimed they could smell alcohol and upon searching the car found cannabis rolling paper, cannabis residue and white powder.

They also claimed that Kodak’s mouth was full of white powder.

During an Instagram Live on December 11, the Florida rapper made numerous confessions about his drug usage, including that he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on rehab.

Addressing his recent arrest for cocaine possession, Yak said: “I was on the lean, homie. I was asleep in front of my family house, bro. That’s it. That ain’t illegal.”

He went on to call the arrest “bogus” and took issue with his mugshot being “plastered all over the internet.”

In the rambling clip, Kodak Black also denied taking cocaine, saying: “Come on, fam. Hell fuck no, bruh. Hell nah. And I ain’t finna say I’m against muthafuckas who do coke. Man, I ain’t on that shit.”

He then admitted to abusing Percocet, which he says was prescribed to him after he was shot in the leg in February 2022.

I’ll tell God himself I do Percs and shit like that, but them was my medicine prescribed to me,” he said. “Even before I got shot and I had got prescribed to them again, I could say that I had started damn abusing [them].”

The “Super Gremlin” hitmaker went on to say that he’s currently working on getting himself clean and once spent $350,000 on rehab.

I’m working on myself. I’m working right now, homie,” he continued. “I paid $350,000 and shit to get clean and get better […] I’ve done went to rehab by myself without the court having to tell me to do that. Just me wanting to better myself. I got children, homie, and I have to be here for them. I never have enough time on the streets to even be no junkie.”

But on Sunday (December 17), HipHopDX confirmed with the Federal Bureau of Prisons that the 26-year-old rapper (real name Bill Kapri) has been placed in custody in the Federal Detention Center in Miami, FL. While it’s not clear when Kodak Black was placed in federal custody, it is clear that he remains behind bars as the BOP doesn’t list a release date.

Hiphopraisedmetheblog.com has also reached out to the FBI’s Miami field office for additional comment and clarification.

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