Big Sean has addressed Kendrick Lamar‘s leaked diss song, shrugging off the fiery track.

On Wednesday (December 20), the Detroit rapper was stopped by TMZ for a brief chat in when he was asked about his reaction to the unreleased record, which surfaced online earlier this year

Ain’t no diss,” he responded, quickly dismissing the journalist’s inquiry.

When asked if he and Kendrick are still cool, he said: “Of course. If it was a diss, it would have been a diss,” before issuing a subtle warning: “If it was a diss, it would have been another diss.”

The song in question leaked in September and appeared to be an unreleased version of “Pandemic,” from TDE’s 2018 Black Panther soundtrack.

On the track, Kendrick Lamar pulls no punches as he calls out Big Sean, as well as Jay Electronica and French Montana.

The Compton native also references the high-profile feud between Drake and Meek Mill, using it as further ammo against Sean Don.

“Fuck subliminals, I put you on the roll call/ French Montana speaking on me in interviews/ Very cynical, dry hating something I don’t approve/ Jay Electronica put silencers on my Grammy night/ Another dead prophet hoping the God’ll give him life,” K. Dot raps.

Big Sean keep sneak dissin,’ I let it slide/ I think his false confidence got him inspired/ I can’t make them respect you, baby, it’s not my job/ You finally famous for who you date, not how you rhyme (boy).”

He adds: “Cute-ass raps, get your puberty up/ Then make you a classic album before you come at us/ Drake and Meek Mill beef might got you gassed up/ But I’m a whole ‘nother beast, I really fuck you up.”

Kendrick Lamar’s vicious rhymes reference French Montana’s 2016 interview with The Breakfast Club, in which he claimed that the “Count Me Out” lyricist was inadvertently devaluing street rap.

Jay Electronica, meanwhile, dissed Kendrick during a Periscope livestream in February 2016, claiming: “Kendrick wishes he could be me.”

As for Big Sean, the Finally Famous MC was embroiled in a subliminal war of words with Kendrick in the mid 2010s, during which the pair threw thinly-veiled shots at each other on wax.

The pair eventually buried the hatchet following the tragic death of their mutual friend Nipsey Hussle in 2019.

While some questioned the validity of the leaked diss song, K. Dot’s former TDE labelmate Jay Rock later confirmed that the record was real.

“I think it’s real, bro,” he said during an interview with The Cruz Show while shutting down speculation that it was created using artificial intelligence.

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