Drake might be the biggest artist in the world, but apparently he’s the most profane as well

Most recently, studies show that Drizzy has overtaken Eminem when it comes to musical artists using curse words in their songs. Language experts at Preply analyzed 3,632 songs by the top Billboard 100 artists, spanning multiple genres as well as decades. The goal was to find who uses the most explicit language in their lyrics, which comes as no surprise that Slim Shady held that title.

Now, Drake beats out Eminem with 2289 curse words, and Eminem coming in second at 1850. Surprisingly, J. Cole comes in at #3, with 1632, and Nicki Minaj at #4 with 1612.

The most profane artists in the music industry

Artist Curse Words Frequency of Cursing

Drake 22891 in 45

Eminem 18501 in 50

J. Cole 16321 in 31

Nicki Minaj 16121 in 30

Kendrick Lamar 12811 in 39

Kanye West 11101 in 58

DJ Khaled 9481 in 36

Future 9391 in 26

Tyler The Creator 6001 in 25

Lil Uzi Vert5521 in 33

Studies also indicate the frequency of Drake’s cursing, clocking in at one curse word for every 45 lyrics uttered. Drake’s most used curse word is “shit,” with 545 uses alone across his catalog. With this data, it’s no surprise that an average of 5,300 Google searches are made monthly looking for “clean Drake songs”.

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