Finesse2Tymes isn’t here for anyone perpetuating the rumor started by his ex that he got a BBL — and he will handle those accordingly who mention it to him.

In an Instagram Live on Sunday (December 17), the Memphis native promised to smack anyone who asked him about it, and even anyone who just laughs too hard in his direction, for that matter

“I ain’t responding about nothing about no BBL. This on my life,” he began. “If a n-gga see me in traffic and play with me on any type of BBL — and guess what, you can look at me and laugh too hard [and] I’ll smack the shit out you in public.

“I’m 31-years-old man. Fuck wrong wit y’all? I’m having money, motion, kids. I ain’t got no time to be sitting on no fucking phone trying to explain to y’all all muthafuckin’ day.”

He continued: “Ma, I ain’t that in tune with my feminine side. See this what n-ggas be getting mixed understood, right? So you don’t supposed to be 100 percent masculine. You supposed to have some type of feminine in you, you know what I’m saying? If you got daughters or if you a ladies man. If you a ladies man, you gotta be in tune with your feminine side a little bit.”

“But these n-ggas be too in tune with they feminine side,” he concluded. “You supposed to be like 85 percent masculine, the other 15 feminine or something man. You n-ggas be half man, half feminine. You n-ggas’ll go kill a n-gga and then lay up and talk to your bitch about everything you just did.”

You can watch the clip below

Back in November, Finesse2Tymes announced he was leaving his polygamous lifestyle in the past and focusing on just one of the two women he’d gotten pregnant — and his now-ex claimed his announcement was a result of a post-surgery mental breakdown.

Taking to her Instagram Story, BBJay — who was one of Finesse’s three girlfriends earlier this year before he downsized to the two women (and eventually to just one) — had a lot to say

My [rainbow emoji] a$$ ex going through a mental breakdown because he’s on ‘downtime’ from getting his bbl or lipo or whatever you wanna call it [laughing emoji],” she wrote. “So he is bored at home! Butttttt he need to worry bout his girlfriend (bm) takin [pills] I been gone from round yall for months! Why yall still worry bout me??”

She continued: “Worry about healing from the bbl you just got [laughing emoji] I try to not do no internet sh.t cause it’s soooooo much I can say I been trying not to say but today’s the day.”

His breakup with BBJay came in September, just before the pregnancy announcements.

The Memphis rapper took to Instagram in September with a photo dump where he revealed in the caption she had been cut out of the picture due to loose lips. He didn’t name names, but it was clear who he was referring to soon after.

“She was tawkn to much got eliminated, I told u don’t speak on what u saw,” he wrote

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