In a recent interview, Tiffany Red, a friend and collaborator of Cassie, opens up about the singer’s alleged abuse at the hands of Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Tiffany Red, a close friend and former songwriter for Cassie, recently spoke with NBC News about the ongoing assault lawsuit filed by the singer. Red shared her own experiences witnessing verbal abuse during her time working with Cassie, shedding light on the alleged toxic and controlling behavior by Sean “Diddy” Combs. Her testimony adds weight to Cassie’s claims, painting a disturbing picture of the emotional abuse she endured.

During Cassie’s 29th birthday celebration at a karaoke bar, Diddy arrived and berated her in front of her friends, according to Tiffany Red. Red recounts waking up later that night to screams at Cassie’s home, where she was a guest, and finding Cassie sedated. Diddy demanded sex, saying, “Tell her I want some birthday dick,” but Red refused, stating Cassie didn’t have to comply. Recently, Red learned Diddy wanted her to join a “freak off,” revealing the truth about that night.

Tiffany Red revealed that Diddy would hire sex workers to engage in sexual activities with Cassie, which he would watch and direct. Red stated that Cassie confided in her that the only time Diddy showed interest in her music or plans was when she agreed to participate in these sexual encounters, which he referred to as “freak offs”. Red expressed her outrage and disgust at discovering that she had unwittingly contributed to Cassie’s exploitation through her songwriting, enabling Diddy’s abuse.

“You can hear Tiffany Red’s shocking revelations about Diddy’s alleged abuse and exploitation of Cassie in the video below. In the interview, Red recounts the disturbing details of Diddy’s behavior, including hiring sex workers for threesomes and directing the encounters. She also expresses her regret and disgust at unknowingly contributing to Cassie’s suffering through her songwriting. Watch the full interview to hear Tiffany Red’s powerful and emotional account.”

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