In the latest twist of the Real Estate-Gate scandal, DJ Envy has been ordered by the court to submit documents or face arrest.

DJ Envy is under pressure to deliver. As revealed by court reporter Meghann Cunniff, Envy has until January 8th to submit documents related to Cesar Pina’s Whairhouse LLC bankruptcy case, as demanded by Judge Rosemary Gambardella. Failure to comply with the court’s request may result in severe consequences. The clock is ticking for DJ Envy to meet the deadline and avoid any potential legal repercussions.

DJ Envy is facing a high-stakes deadline: if he fails to submit documents related to Cesar Pina’s Whairhouse LLC bankruptcy case by Jan. 8, he could be arrested and forced to make a mandatory deposition in New Jersey bankruptcy court. This comes after Envy missed a previous deadline on Nov. 28 to provide financial and communication documents. Judge Gambardella has also ordered Pina and his wife Jennifer Iturralde Pina to meet the same deadline, and if the trio fails, she may impose sanctions, including contempt of court hearings that could result in arrest orders to bring them before the United States Bankruptcy Court. The stakes are high, and Envy must take swift action to avoid severe consequences.

DJ Envy and Cesar Pina are facing legal action over their real estate business practices. A lawsuit filed last month by Derik Deangelo, Chamblin Group Real Estate Ventures LLC, and Reispec Developments LLC alleges that Envy and Pina used their “Flipping New Jersey” seminars to lure victims into a real estate scam. The suit claims violations of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, breach of contract, civil RICO violation, fraudulent transfer, and more. The plaintiffs are seeking a jury trial and $2 million in damages. This is not the first legal issue for Envy, who previously missed a deadline to provide financial and communication documents in a related case. The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant consequences for Envy and Pina’s business and reputation.

According to the legal documents, members of the Pina network engaged in private consultations and meet-and-greets, where they assessed the financial resources of attendees and targeted those with significant net worth for real estate “joint ventures” with Pina, DJ Envy, and other network members. Additionally, Pina offered personal consulting services, charging flat fees ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 per meeting, allegedly exploiting individuals for personal gain.

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