B.G. Responds To Snitching Rumors Spread By Wack 100 & Others

B.G. publicly addressed snitching allegations against him in an interview with Pop Austin Media’s TTE Notti. The former Cash Money Records artist said the claims initially bothered him before he received reassurance that helped him brush off the rumors

At first, I was feeling some type of way,” B.G. told Notti. “But the n#### whose opinion matter reached out to me. ‘Cause I been paying attention to this internet, right? And this internet a fool, ya heard me? This s### a beast, ya heard me? You know the internet undefeated and truth don’t need no co-signer, you heard me?”

He continued, “Once I talked to my real jail n##### who reached out to me and they heard about it and then the n##### on the streets that I know standing on law and standing on business, they like, ‘Man, listen. Man, don’t even pay that s### no mind. N##### just trying to use your light to shine to bring them out they darkness.’”

Wack 100 was the most notable figure pushing the snitching allegations against B.G. The allegations were connected to a man named Kentrell Washington, who faced a gun charge stemming from an incident in 2009.

B.G. and Washington were riding in the same vehicle when New Orleans police conducted a traffic stop in 2009. Cops discovered a 9mm Beretta semiautomatic pistol while searching the vehicle. Washington allegedly said, “That gun and weed is mine.”

Wack 100 and others looking into the gun case accused B.G. of testifying against Washington. Wack 100 claimed the paperwork proved B.G. was a rat. The comments angered Boosie Badazz, who called Wack 100 a “clown” and dismissed the notion of B.G. snitching.

B.G. was released from prison in September 2023. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison for gun possession and witness tampering.

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