The Alchemist dropped off quite the gift on Christmas Day, announcing the forthcoming release of the original version of Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine‘s Hall & Nash 2.

Taking to Instagram on Monday (December 25), the legendary producer revealed that the sequel to the Griselda rappers’ 2015 effort will be available this week – but only in physical formats. The Alchemist shared the story of the project

When i first linked with @westsidegunn & @whoisconway the original plan was to do a Hall & Nash 2 tape,” he wrote. “From the first day in the lab, i knew i needed these guys on my beats more than they needed my beats. The shit was coming out crazy. They linked with [ScHoolboy Q] one day at my spot and made one. We knew we had something good.”

He continued: “While we were finishing the project, they signed their deal with Shady. We ended up changing the plan to drop H&N2 , & over time used some of the songs for different things , but a handful of songs never came out, & the original version of the album was never released. Now for the first time , the OG version of Hall & Nash 2 will be released on vinyl cd and tape.

Collectors item for the day ones. FRIDAY. 12 NOON E.S.T. ALCRECORDS.COM Limited version artwork by @ral_duke . Next year me @daringer_ Wes & Conway already cooking an official HALL & NASH 2 . 👀 u have been warned.”

You can view the post below.

Rumors of a rift in the Griselda camp circulated last year following comments made by Conway The Machine, but in the spring, he denied that any such issues were present.

“It wasn’t nothing there, it just looked like it on the surface,” he explained on an episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast. “I think fans just ran with certain dickhead shit I done said and did in interviews. Certain fan theories that just led to the assumption that them boys is fighting and at odds

The Drumwork Music Group founder then said he takes complete responsibility for sparking the speculation with his contract complaint and clarified that neither Westside Gunn nor Eminem’s Shady Records cheated him out of money.

“Honestly, I operated out of my feelings,” Conway continued. “My brother ain’t deserve that shit, man. West ain’t deserve that, none of that shit that I was doing, saying in them interviews, man

“I want to just be very clear: nobody owes me a penny, nobody stole nothing from me. West and them, Shady Records, nobody, all my business was on the up and up.”

He added: “When I was saying in The Breakfast Club interview, how I didn’t read the contract and all that shit, it wasn’t coming from a place of idiocy

It was out of loyal that I didn’t read that shit. That’s my brother. I ain’t gotta read nothin.’ I know we good. That’s what that was.”

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