2Pac has beaten out JAY-Z, Nas, and more, achieving a unique milestone with his classic All Eyez On Me album.

It was revealed on Tuesday (January 30) that the seminal 1996 album has become the first LP from that year to reach three billion streams on Spotify

Remarkably, other notable rap albums from that excellent year in Hip Hop have far fewer plays.

JAY’s album from that year, Reasonable Doubt, has accrued just over 200 million streams on Spotify, though the album wasn’t available on the platform until 2019.

Nas’ 1996 sophomore effort It Was Written has just over 550 million streams on Spotify. Fugees released The Score in 1996, and that album has over one billion streams — a big number, but far short of 2Pac territory.

In other news related to Tupac, L.A.-based Nate D. Sanders Auctions auctioned off a concert ticket signed by the late Hip Hop icon in January 1992, a mere two months after the release of his debut album 2Pacalypse Now

The autographed ticket, which is from a 1992 Digital Underground performance at The Warfield in San Francisco, features a personalized message that reads: “PEACE 2U 2PAC.”

The piece of memorabilia received nine bids and was eventually sold for $9,583.

Last year, a personalized crown ring owned by the rapper was sold for $1 million, making it the most valuable Hip Hop artifact ever.

Pac famously wore the gold, ruby and diamond ring during his last public appearance at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, shortly before he was fatally shot at the age of 25.

It bears an inscription that reads: “Pac & Dada 1996,” referencing his engagement to sweetheart Kidada Jones.

It was later revealed that none other Drake was the winning bidder. The 6 God previously spent a similarly eye-watering amount on a pair of matching chains modeled after 2Pac.

Also last year, Pac and Snoop Dogg‘s Death Row pendants from the 1990s went up for auction.

They glittering neckpieces — both of which came from former head of Death Row’s security team Reggie Wright Jr.’s collection — were expected to fetch between $500,000 to $1,000,000 each, TMZ reported at the time.

Sources relayed that former Death Row boss Suge Knight owned the chains and would commission them for his artists, with the best being reserved for the likes of Pac and Snoop.

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