Daz Dillinger has responded to claims that Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre or anybody else around Death Row Records was ever jealous of 2Pac, seemingly in response to a recent podcast from Suge Knight.

Taking to Instagram with a video on Tuesday (January 30), Daz issued a lengthy PSA to refute any claims of jealousy, because according to him, he and the aforementioned names made Pac who he was

Yo, I got a problem with this,” he began. “People always saying that Snoop. Dr. Dre, us, everybody — we was jealous of 2Pac. How can we be jealous of 2Pac and we made 2Pac?

“We put that album [All Eyez OnMe] together. We came over there, we gave him music. We did that. We wanted him to be the man of the man, so how was we jealous putting his album together? Taking songs from us and giving it to him — how is that jealousy

He continued: “The only jealousy there was, was Suge Knight in his ear and everybody[‘s] ear causing confusion. Look at that muthafucka now. All on his little podcast always talking shit. Kill that noise! Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre none of us — we was never jealous of 2Pac.

“Because we could go out in the streets and hang out and do what the fuck we wanna do. He was limited for what he had to do. And we was the one that was producing and creating a masterpiece, All Eyez On Me. So who’s jealous? I think Suge Knight was jealous.”

In his caption, he added: “THEY SAID WE WAS JEALOUS ? of WHAT ?????? When i say made 2 pac we made that album all eyes on me cu he didnt sound like me against the world. pac embraced our style of rap especially mines dazdillinger. we sound alike when we rap cuz i was the producer so im setting bar for the aongs we did or wrote together.”

Daz was seemingly responding to an episode of Suge Knight’s Collect Call podcast that was published on December 21, where he said, “When Pac got bigger than everybody on Death Row, that’s when the jealousy kicked in. I guess that’s when that plot kicked in.”

He went on to say that fans had gone from asking the likes of Dre and Snoop for a photo and autograph to asking them where 2Pac was at.

Everything was shifted from everybody else to 2Pac,” he added, “and I think jealousy’s what made our shit fuck up.”

Suge Knight has made other similar claims on his podcast prior to this, and Daz responded then as well.

Back in November, Suge claimed Daz and Snoop Dogg recorded a song with one of the men who allegedly plotted to kill 2Pac.

“Snoop, Daz and the rest of them, they did a song with one of the n-ggas from that side who was in the car,” he said. “If that’s loyalty to ‘Pac, shit… muthafuckas don’t need that type of loyalty.”

When asked who they did the song with, Suge named DeAndre “Big Dre” Smith, who was allegedly one of four men in the car from which the deadly 1996 drive-by shooting was carried out.

Authorities believe the other men in the car that night were Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, his uncle Duane “Keefe D” Davis, and Terrence “Bubble Up” Brown. Davis, the only living suspect in the case, was charged with 2Pac’s murder last year.

The person who did the compilation was that n-gga Dre, or whatever his name is,” Suge said. “Well, you know, he ain’t here, but that’s that. But like I said before, if Keefe D telling the truth, all the other shit makes sense.”

Daz Dillinger came across Suge Knight’s comments and just hours later took to Instagram to dispute his claims.

This muthafucka got dementia,” he said in a video. “That n-gga Suge Knight got dementia. He in jail just making up shit. Fuck you in jail knowing that somebody did a song? We ain’t did a song. We from Long Beach. What are you talking about, n-gga? You got dementia!

“He can’t even say who did the fucking song. He don’t even know who the fuck that is, n-gga. Making up shit. Suge Knight got dementia, y’all.”

Daz Dillinger tagged Suge Knight in the caption, writing: “@officialsugeknight GOT DEMENTIA.”

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