Ice Spice was wearing a Playboi Carti opium chain as she attended Super Bowl LVIII with Taylor Swift.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday (February 11), Carti posted a picture of Spice wearing the purple chain which is in the shape of a cross

The shimmering chain, dubbed “YVL,” was designed by jeweler Alex Moss who has also provided custom pieces for the likes of Drake, A$AP Rocky and Chief Keef.

The chain could be seen around Ice Spice’s neck when she entered the venue with Swift and actress Blake Lively, as well as when the trio were celebrating the winning touchdown thrown by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Ice Spice and Playboi Carti have been flirting online for a while after the rapper blatantly made it known he was eyeing up the Bronx star on his track “BACKR00MS.”

He rapped: “I think I need me a Ice Spice, yeah I want me a munch

The Atlanta native then ramped up his romantic pursuit by reposting Ice Spice’s recent birthday thirst trap on his Instagram Stories.

The provocative slideshow, which included photos of Ice flashing her bum to the camera while wearing a figure-hugging mini dress and thong, had already sparked a flood of horny reactions from fans.

In response, the “Princess Diana” star seemingly approved of Carti’s namedrop by reposting “BACKR00MS” on her own IG Stories, with Carti in turn resharing her post on his own page with a heart eyes emoji.

It appears the pair also took the flirting to the DMs as Carti then posted a screenshot of a message from Ice Spice that read: “backr00ms” with a suggestive kiss mark

Even though the two appear to be at least somewhat close, Spice previously claimed that she was in a relationship.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times in October, the 24-year-old said she was “currently dating someone” but refused to reveal their identity to the public as she wants fans to “keep their focus on what I’m here for, which is music.”

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