Diddy has been spotted on his latest rare outing amid his sexual assault allegations came to light, taking in Kanye West‘s Rolling Loud set with his children.

TMZ was on hand at the venerated festival on Thursday (March 14) as he appeared with an entourage and children

Sources at the festival say that Diddy showed up as the opening notes of Ye and Ty Dolla $ign‘s “Keys To My Life.”

Check out the video below.


Kanye West and Diddy seemed to have put the past behind them, as back in 2022, the two had a heated exchange over Ye’s “White Lives Matter” t-shirt controversy.

The Donda rapper took to his Instagram with a series of posts showing fans the conversation he was having with Diddy via text and made it loud and clear he wouldn’t let his peer stop him from doing what he needed to

The Bad Boy Records mogul told The Breakfast Club that he did not agree with Kanye’s decision to wear the “White Lives Matter” t-shirt but wouldn’t condemn him either. Kanye caught wind of the comments and subsequently addressed Diddy.

“I didn’t like our convo,” Kanye wrote. “I’m selling these tees Nobody gets in between me and my money This is my grandfather texting you now Never call me with no bullshit like that again unless you ready to green light me Cause anybody who got on that tee is me.”

Ye continued to say he would be as quiet as his friend and late fashion designer Virgil Abloh while also admitting he now knows how he’s hurt people his loves with his threats. He then asked Puff to confront him.

“Come do something illegal to me noooow pleeeeeeeeease,” Kanye added.

The G.O.O.D. Music founder shared another post letting his fans know they know who the culprit is if anything were to happen to him and revealed he would be selling the White Lives Matter t-shirt on Friday: “THIS IS WHY I’M THE LEADER I JUST MADE BOTH THESE GUYS MY SECURITY CAUSE ANYTHING HAPPEN TO ME YALL THE TOP SUSPECTS IMA BE SELLING WHITE LIVES MATTERS TEES LATER TODAY.”

In the next post, Diddy seemingly responded to Kanye’s invitation telling him, “As soon as I land we’ll meet face to face!!! Send me an address.” Ye then likened Diddy to a federal agent after he asked for the address saying: “N-GGA FUUUUUCK YOU YOU FED.”

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