Fat Joe and Kamala Harris got together recently to discuss the legal consequences of marijuana possession.

On Friday (March 15), the rapper moderated a closed-door meeting with the vice president, Kentucky governor Andy Beshear, and a number of people who have been pardoned for previous weed-related convictions

“This issue is stark when one considers the fact that on the schedule currently marijuana is considered as dangerous as heroin,” Harris said during the public-facing part of the event. “Marijuana is considered as dangerous as heroin and more dangerous than fentanyl, which is absurd. Not to mention patently unfair.”

Though the discussion wasn’t public, Joey Crack told the press he was honored to be a part of it by saying: “When the vice president calls me, I stop everything.”

In related news, the Terror Squad boss recently made a case for himself after purchasing a pair of Donald Trump’s new shoes.

During an Instagram Live stream last month, the “Lean Back” hitmaker insisted that works of art stand by themselves despite the politics of the people behind them. According to him, it’s no different with the former president, who he also openly disavowed.

If you collect art, do you really know what [Jean-Michel] Basquiat was into?” he began. “Do you know what Andy Warhol was into? Any of these artists that you was into? You love the art, so you get it. I guess they separate art from the person.

“Now, me as a sneaker collector, I had to get my hand on the Trumps […] But listen, I have thousands and thousands and thousands of pairs of sneakers. When everybody flipped on Kanye [West], I went and bought the two most exclusive Kanyes ever.”

He then clarified: “Once again, I’m not a Trumper. I dislike Trump. I’m not voting for him — not now, not never — but I’m a sneaker collector into the art.”

Joe has been a footwear enthusiast for quite some time now, and his latest purchase isn’t even the first time this interest crossed over into politics. Last year, the New York City native began giving out pairs of his Nike Air Force 1 x Terror Squad collaboration to famous friends, and he even pulled up on former President Bill Clinton to bless him with the new kicks.

In September, Don Cartagena attended a Clinton Foundation event where he had the opportunity to lace the Democrat with the official Terror Squad Nikes and profess his admiration for the politician as well.

“He’s an honorary member of the [Terror] Squad,” Joe joked while handing over the sneakers. “But I love you so much. So many years you fought for the people. We love you. I’m a huge fan of yours. Thank you so much for what you did for us, but the mailman delivers.”

These are cool, oh wow,” Clinton said in amazement.

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