Listeners React To BIA’s Supposed Shots At Cardi B On Dreezy’s “B**ch Duh (Remix)”

Listeners have been buzzing about BIA’s supposed shots at Cardi B on Dreezy’s “B**ch Duh (Remix),” with many speculating on the nature of their alleged feud. BIA’s lyrics, which hinted at a rival who she claimed couldn’t “walk on the beat,” have led many to believe that she was taking aim at Cardi B without directly naming her.

The reference to Cardi’s emotional Instagram Live session in December has only fueled the speculation further. Many fans remember the moment when Cardi broke down in tears while discussing her tumultuous relationship with Offset, and BIA’s lyrics seemed to allude to this vulnerable moment. The line about coping with a new gun before pleading guilty also seemed to hint at a confrontational attitude towards her supposed adversary.

This latest development comes after a series of social media jabs exchanged between BIA and Cardi, with the former accusing the latter of stealing her style. Cardi’s cryptic tweet about releasing a song in response to the shade thrown reinforces the idea that there is tension between the two artists.

The feud between BIA and Cardi is just one of many ongoing conflicts within the music industry. City Girls’ Yung Miami and JT recently engaged in a Twitter war over alleged sneak disses, while Kendrick Lamar sparked controversy by taking shots at J. Cole and Drake on a recent track. These feuds serve as a reminder of the competitive nature of the music industry and the power dynamics at play among artists.

As fans continue to speculate on the nature of BIA and Cardi’s supposed feud, it remains to be seen whether the two will directly address the situation or continue to exchange subliminal shots through their music. In the meantime, listeners can only wait and see how this latest chapter in the ongoing saga between the two artists will unfold.

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