The recent video circulating of Diddy assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, has sparked outrage and condemnation from the public, as well as from former colleagues at REVOLT. The disturbing footage, obtained by CNN, shows Diddy violently attacking and physically assaulting Cassie in a hotel room back in 2016. The incident is deeply troubling and has prompted a strong response from the media company in which Diddy was once a chairman.

In a formal statement posted on their Instagram, REVOLT expressed their deep sadness and disturbance over the video, making it clear that they stand with victims of domestic violence. Despite Diddy’s recent separation from the company and the selling of his final shares, REVOLT felt it was their duty to address the issue and acknowledge the impact it has on their staff, audience, and the culture they represent. The company firmly stated their commitment to upholding values and integrity, standing against any form of domestic abuse, and advocating for truth and accountability.

The video itself is shocking and alarming, showing Diddy grabbing Cassie by the neck, throwing her to the floor, kicking her repeatedly, and forcibly taking her personal items. The violent and abusive behavior captured in the footage is unacceptable and has rightfully sparked widespread backlash and condemnation. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of domestic violence and the importance of speaking out against it.

In response to the video, 50 Cent, a fellow rapper and former colleague of Diddy, weighed in on the situation, criticizing Diddy for his actions. The music industry is no stranger to controversies and scandals, but when it comes to matters of violence and abuse, there is no room for tolerance or justification. It is essential for individuals and organizations, like REVOLT, to take a strong stance against such behavior and support victims in their fight for justice and safety.

In conclusion, the video of Diddy assaulting Cassie is a disturbing reminder of the dark reality of domestic violence. It is crucial for society to stand together in condemning such actions and supporting those who have been affected by them. REVOLT’s response to the incident sets an important example of holding individuals accountable for their actions and advocating for a culture of respect and empathy. Violence is never the answer, and it is up to all of us to work towards a world where abuse is not tolerated and victims are heard and supported.

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