Hit-Boy, known for his exceptional production skills and ability to collaborate with a range of artists, has once again proven his versatility with his latest project. Teaming up with Jay 305 for the EP ‘Don’t Wait Until I Die,’ the duo explores their West Coast gangsta rap roots in a four-track offering.

The EP kicks off with the playful track “SECRETS,” where Jay 305 lightheartedly requests intimate photos from a partner. The chemistry between Hit-Boy’s production and Jay’s sharp delivery is evident throughout the project, creating a cohesive and engaging listening experience.

One highlight of the EP is the feature from Dom Kennedy, adding another layer of depth to the already impressive collaboration. With each track, Hit-Boy and Jay 305 showcase their individual talents while coming together seamlessly to create a dynamic sound that pays homage to their roots in the West Coast rap scene.

In addition to ‘Don’t Wait Until I Die,’ Hit-Boy has been busy with other projects, including the announcement of a joint album with The Alchemist and his father Big Hit titled ‘Black & Whites.’ The trio recently released a trailer for the album, inspired by the cult film ‘Office Space,’ showcasing their creative approach to promotion and marketing.

Furthermore, Hit-Boy and The Alchemist previously dropped a surprise EP titled ‘Theodore & Andre’ earlier this year, further solidifying their partnership and ability to create captivating music together.

Overall, ‘Don’t Wait Until I Die’ is a testament to Hit-Boy’s skill as a producer and collaborator, showcasing his ability to navigate different sounds and styles with ease. With a nod to their West Coast roots and a lineup of talented guest features, Hit-Boy and Jay 305 have crafted a project that is sure to resonate with fans of hip-hop and beyond. As they continue to explore new creative territory and push boundaries, the future looks bright for this dynamic duo.

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