Childish Gambino’s Feature List For New Album “Bando Stone” Allegedly Revealed

” features a catchy and upbeat sound that hints at a more dance-oriented direction for the artist. With rumored features like Amaarae, Fousheé, and Jorja Smith, it’s clear that Gambino is looking to collaborate with a diverse range of talents on this project.

One of the most interesting names on the list is Kamasi Washington, the jazz saxophonist and composer known for his work with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat. Washington’s unique sound could add a layer of complexity and musicality to Bando Stone that sets it apart from Gambino’s previous work.

Similarly, Yeat, an up-and-coming rapper known for his melodic flow and catchy hooks, brings a fresh energy to the album. Amaarae, a Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter, is also a standout feature, known for her genre-blending sound and soulful vocals.

It’s also worth noting that Childish Gambino’s son is rumored to make an appearance on the album. While it’s unclear in what capacity he will be featured, this inclusion adds a personal touch to the project and showcases Gambino’s growth as an artist and a father.

Overall, the rumored feature list for Bando Stone & The New World is an exciting glimpse into what fans can expect from Childish Gambino’s highly anticipated album. With a mix of established and up-and-coming artists from a variety of genres, it’s clear that Gambino is pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territory. Whether or not this list turns out to be accurate, one thing is certain: Bando Stone is sure to be a must-listen for fans of Childish Gambino and music lovers alike.

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