On July 8th, 2024, the late Hip Hop personality Combat Jack was honored with a street naming in his hometown of Brooklyn on what would have been his 55th birthday. A section of Bergen Street in Crown Heights was officially renamed Reggie “Combat Jack” Ossé Place, a fitting tribute to the influential figure in the Hip Hop community.

Combat Jack, born Reggie Ossé, was known for his contributions to the world of Hip Hop through his podcast and journalism work. His impact on the culture was undeniable, and his sudden passing in 2017 left a void in the community. However, his legacy continues to be celebrated and remembered, as evidenced by the street naming in Brooklyn.

The news of Combat Jack being honored with his own street was met with an outpouring of support from his friends, family, and fans. His son, NYC council member Chi Ossé, shared a photo of the newly-unveiled street sign on Instagram, expressing his pride and gratitude for the tribute to his father. Many of Combat Jack’s colleagues and peers in the industry also commented on the significance of the street naming, acknowledging his impact on their lives and the Hip Hop community as a whole.

The decision to name a street after Combat Jack was a fitting tribute to a man who dedicated his life to elevating the voices of artists and creatives in the Hip Hop world. His work as a journalist and podcaster paved the way for meaningful conversations and connections within the community, and his memory will continue to inspire future generations of Hip Hop enthusiasts.

Combat Jack’s legacy lives on through the street naming in Brooklyn, a reminder of the impact he had on the culture and the people around him. As his former co-host A-King stated, Combat Jack’s contributions deserve to be recognized and celebrated in a special way, and the street naming serves as a lasting tribute to his influence in the world of Hip Hop. Reggie Ossé may no longer be with us, but his spirit and legacy will continue to shine bright on Reggie “Combat Jack” Ossé Place in Brooklyn.

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