Kodak Black has always been known for his candidness in interviews, but when it comes to being repeatedly asked about his past drug use, he draws the line. His recent exchange with Adam22 on the No Jumper podcast is a clear example of this boundary being crossed.

During the interview, Adam22 brought up a specific incident from Kodak’s Drink Champs interview, where he exhibited erratic behavior. Kodak, clearly irked by the question, expressed his frustration by stating that the incident was in the past and he didn’t want to dwell on it. He made it clear that he didn’t appreciate being treated like a subject of investigation.

In response, Adam22 defended his line of questioning by stating that he was trying to give Kodak a chance to address the moment and set the record straight. However, Kodak was adamant in his stance, asserting that he didn’t want to be exploited for his past mistakes.

What escalated the situation further was when Kodak referenced Adam’s wife Lena The Plug, highlighting a boundary violation of his own. By bringing up personal matters related to Adam’s wife, Kodak made it clear that he wasn’t interested in playing games or engaging in tit-for-tat exchanges.

Despite the tension in the room, Kodak’s friend intervened with a light-hearted comment, diffusing some of the animosity. The exchange ended on a more jovial note, with laughter replacing the earlier tension.

In conclusion, the confrontation between Kodak Black and Adam22 serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting boundaries in interviews. While artists like Kodak may be open about certain aspects of their lives, they have the right to set limits on what they are willing to discuss. As interviewers, it is crucial to tread carefully and not overstep these boundaries, ensuring a respectful and productive dialogue.

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