Yelawolf has announced plans for his next musical venture which will come in the form of a double album titled War Story.

The project boasts contradicting sides: Trunk Muzik 4Ever, which is produced by his right-hand WLPWR; and Michael Wayne, produced by Malay. Together, they make up War Story.

The project marks Yelawolf’s first solo rap album since 2021’s Mud Mouth — 2022’s Sometimes Y with Shooter Jennings saw him pivot to rock.

“I was just so fueled to rap again. My tank got refilled, so to speak, and it turned out I had a lot to say,” he told SPIN. “I would love to see a place in Hip Hop for me to elevate and to bring the quality of the music and what we’ve put together to the forefront of the mainstream.

Yelawolf added his hopes for the project: “I would like for Drake fans, Kendrick Lamar fans, Three 6 Mafia fans, Future fans, XXXTentacion fans — I think it would be rad for me if the younger generation would take a hold of the project.”

Check out Yela’s IG post for the SPIN interview below:

Now 43 years old, the Tennessee native feels a responsibility to serve up jewels as a mentor to the next generation of artists entering the music industry.

“Yeah, this double album is full-on OG, mentoring, artistic MC — it’s me at my best. That part honestly is a little scary, because these albums don’t come along very often,” Yela said. “The last album I felt like was this sharp was Love Story. I do feel a responsibility to play my part in the culture and to bring other people up.

However, listeners shouldn’t take a lot of the stories in the bars to heart as many were made up for the album.

“I don’t really have reservations with my lyrics,” the “Daddy’s Lambo” rapper admitted. “If I commit to it, I’m dead serious about it. There’s a lot of creative writing. I made so much of the album up, so there’s actually very few songs that are factual about my actual life.

Looking Over’ on the Malay album is a real story about a car accident I was in with my mom, and that was one of the hardest songs to write only because I had to piece it together and make it rhyme but also the detail of what it was.”

Yelawolf is yet to confirm a release date for War Story.

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