Jay-Z’s iconic 1993 Lexus GS300 is on display at the Brooklyn Public Library as part of the “The Book of HOV” exhibit .

The “off-white Lexus” is a notable part of Jay-Z’s history and lyrics, mentioned in “Empire State of Mind” and showcased in the “Dead Presidents” music video.

So the car Jay-Z is referring to in “Empire State of Mind” when he mentions cruising down 8th Street in an off-white Lexus is his 1993 Lexus GS300, which is currently on display at the Brooklyn Public Library.

The car is a first-generation GS mid-size luxury sedan, still owned by Jay-Z, with a white-over-beige color scheme and chrome wheels. It’s been featured in multiple music videos, including “Dead Presidents” and “Empire State of Mind”, and mentioned in songs like “Can I Live” and “Empire State of Mind”.

The ’93 Lexus GS is part of “The Book of HOV” exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library, celebrating Jay-Z’s career and legacy. The exhibit features a range of artifacts, including books, photos, clothing, awards, videos, and more. It’s free and open to the public through December at the main branch on 10 Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.

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